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Updates from Salestio, November 25

New Feature

Hey-hey, Holiday Season has already started but we have no time to rest :)

As always, we prepared a couple of updates and improvements from the Salestio Team.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, contact us directly at, or feel free to share your ideas on our roadmap. There, you can also upvote existing ideas which might be helpful for your business.

Shipping Mapping between Amazon and Shopify

This is a feature that has been highly requested by many users for a long time.


Configure Shipping mapping between Amazon and Shopify

I would like to have the possibility to configure shipping mapping between Amazon and Shopify. So when an order imported from Amazon to Shopify I would like to have it imported as one of the shipping methods available in my store. And also when I fulfill an order I would like to have the possibility to match my store carriers to one of the available carrier codes on amazon. Example: Amazon order shipping — Std UK Dom_1 should be imported to Shopify store as "Chrono Express" When order shipped from Shopify store, on amazon should be transferred carrier code "Chronopost"



Previously, we configured the shipping connection between Amazon and Shopify from our side per users' requests. Within this task, we added the ability to configure mapping for imported Amazon orders right from Salestio.

You can do so under Salestio > Profiles > Shipping. Click "Add Shipping" and add the needed details. It is enough to set default options. If you would like to get more shipping for the specified services, you can do so by clicking "Add new mapping".


For more details, please check the dedicated article in Salestio's blog.

eBay Onboarding

We have recently introduced a quick way to connect existing eBay listings via Salestio.

The complete functionality on how to connect Shopify products to existing eBay listings has been available for a while. Within this task, we added the ability to quickly connect such products right after you add your eBay account to Salestio.

You will be asked if you would like to automatically connect the products. You can either proceed or skip it and connect the products later.

The important condition here is that eBay and Shopify products should have the same SKUs. If the products have variations, the number of variations and their labels should be consistent across both platforms.

You can find the detailed instructions including the video, in the following article.

The Order Details page for Etsy integration

We keep working to add more and more features to the Etsy part in Salestio. As you might know, we started with the Etsy orders imported to Shopify. The Orders page was available in Salestio. Now, we also added the Order details page.

You can check the Order details right from Salestio. The most useful part is that it has a Timeline that shows when the order was imported to Shopify and the error message if the order import failed. This way, you can resolve the issue (missing SKU, for example) and trigger the manual order creation right after that by clicking the Export button on the Order page in Salestio.


  • Handling of Etsy orders imported to Shopify including orders with duplicated items and in the Partially Paid statuses
  • The display of the shipping costs of the imported Etsy orders in Shopify
  • A number of Creation profiles displayed per page
  • An error display when the product id is not assigned for eBay listings (duplicated SKU found) in the eBay inventory
  • Changed the number of new errors displayed on the Selling Product to show the number of actual error messages instead of the number of all messages.


Custom requests

Salestio is quite flexible in configuring the app to fulfill the business needs of our users. Recently, we have completed a couple of tasks for some users that might also be useful for you. Please take a look and let us know if this is something you would be interested to see in Salestio.

  • Round all eBay prices to 0.95. This feature might be useful if you want that the prices are displayed with the same decimals regardless of what is added to Shopify price fields.
  • Import Amazon orders with custom email addresses. By default, Amazon creates a dummy email address to secure the privacy of your buyers. When the orders are imported to Shopify, Salestio can display them with your store domain.


  • The automatic stop of the products on eBay
  • "Send to eBay" is stuck in the pending status
  • Delays in SKU updates from Shopify
  • Amazon orders with 2 items are not imported to Shopify
  • Relist, Revise, and Revise QTY does not trigger any action on the Selling List
  • 500 error appears after opening the eBay order in the refunded status

In Progress

We keep working on the Etsy integration. At the moment, our developers are working on the Catalog Export and Synchronization. We are planning to introduce it in a couple of weeks. Please let us know if you would like to check the beta version of this functionality.


Etsy Integration

As a Shopify store owner, I would like to expand my sales to Etsy. Can you add this integration to Salestio?

Nadia Savoniuk


By default, Salestio displays all products from the Shopify store regardless of their statuses as long as they have unique SKUs added. We noticed that this part might be a bit confusing for some users. So, we are planning to show only active products in Salestio and give the ability to include Drafts and Archived products per user needs.


Connect only active Shopify products to Amazon

As a user, I would like to be sure that only active Shopify products are connected by Salestio. I would like to be able to turn on sending drafts and archived products if needed from Salestio Settings.

Nadia Savoniuk


Black Friday

Only till Monday evening (28 November 2022), you have the possibility to subscribe to any Yearly Salestio plan with a 40% discount. If you are interested please send us an email with the title: "BlackFriday 2022" and what plan you would like to subscribe to.