New updates and improvements to Salestio

Salestio Updates, September 6

New Feature

Hello again,

Can you believe the summer coming to an end? While the days get shorter, our commitment to enhancing your experience with Salestio remains unwavering. We're excited to share our latest developments and achievements.

If you have a cool idea or a suggestion, feel free to let us know at or leave a feature request.

Import Amazon orders based on Product Title

Salestio uses product SKU to identify products in Amazon orders and correctly create them in Shopify. As a fallback, we added matching based on product titles and variation labels.

The app will compare the exact title on Amazon with title + variation in Shopify. For example:

Amazon title: "Destroyer Gaming Mouse Pink"

Shopify title: "Destroyer Gaming Mouse" color: "Pink"

Keep in mind that some Amazon listings might be added by other sellers with different tastes in product titles, while Salestio will look for the exact match.

More eBay images

Now you can add up to 24 images with each eBay listing! To take advantage of the new limit, go to the eBay profile and crank the slider before running Full Revise on the items:


Etsy integration updates

We are working hard to bring the Etsy integration out of Beta. Aside from stability updates, more about the new features below.

Each connected Etsy account now gets a separate settings tab. Here is what you can customize:

  • Disable Etsy order import
  • How the customer email appears in Shopify
  • Put price or item quantity updates on pause for Etsy listings

We also improved the recently added Inventory tab. Your listings will download in the background, but we added a button if you want to see them ASAP.


There are more minor improvements to Etsy integration:

  • The Update action will now refresh the product pictures
  • Active Etsy listing will now be stopped if the product is removed, drafted, or archived on Shopify

Yearly plans

To make it simpler and cheaper, we are introducing a yearly option for every available plan. If you prefer stability, head to the Salestio Dashboard and consider making a switch to save up to 20% annually.


Other improvements

  • Log messages now give context for automatic updates. There will be a clear indication of why, like "stopped due to product deleted in Shopify" or "added to the Selling List due to Collection change"
  • Amazon order ID is now displayed in order logs
  • "ReSync" and "Download Inventories" buttons for Amazon now display if the operation is running
  • If the order is canceled on eBay, Salestio will update its status in Shopify


What's next?

We continue implementing creation of new listings on Amazon, currently adding the configuration to send variations in Sizes and sending products in batches.


Product creation on Amazon

As a user, I would like to be able to create new listings on Amazon from my Shopify products.

Nadia Savoniuk
In progress


Our utmost enthusiasm is currently dedicated to enhancing our Etsy integration. We will keep introducing exciting new features here, so you can track or even try them yourself. So keep an eye on the future updates!


Etsy Integration

As a Shopify store owner, I would like to expand my sales to Etsy. Can you add this integration to Salestio?

Nadia Savoniuk