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Salestio Updates, September 28

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As September approaches, we're excited to unveil the latest enhancements in Salestio. Your input is vital, so don't hesitate to send your ideas or suggestions to us at or via our feature request portal. Let's dive into the September update!


New Etsy integration features

The Etsy integration is getting more and more quality-of-life improvements. Want to check how the listing looks? Now you can do so right from the Selling List. For any currently listed item, click "View on Etsy" to open the listing page:



Some sellers choose to opt out of listing auto-renewal. For expired listings, Salestio will now display such items in "Stopped" status in the Selling List. You can renew the item from there. Also, listings can now be manually stopped from the Selling List:



Etsy limits the time that a seller might be authorized with an app like Salestio. When the time comes, authorizing again is all that's needed. From now on, we will notify you on the Dashboard when an account confirmation is needed. Clicking "Confirm connection" will take you to Etsy for login. Do not worry, this might be needed only once a few months.



Refreshed Dashboard

To improve readability for sellers, we rethought how to present product statistics. Now, statistics cards clearly correspond to the current status of all Shopify items:


  • Live — Products that are synced with the marketplace
  • Error — Require attention; look for errors in the Selling Lists to resolve
  • Pending — Just need some time to get to Live
  • No status — Products that are not added to any Selling Lists yet
  • Not Active — Added to a Selling List, but not have been sent to the marketplace

Amazon Listing Creation

We are perfecting the ability to create brand-new listings on Amazon. Today, refreshed Amazon Creation Profiles enter Public Beta, available for all Salestio users to try. Check documentation for the new feature here: Creation Profile configuration. All feedback is appreciated, so feel free to let us know your thoughts and findings at

With a new Creation Profile, we allow our merchants to create new Amazon Listings using data from your Shopify products. Highlight of key features:

  • Allow creation of Amazon listings with GTIN exemption enabled
  • Products could be created with and without Variations details
  • Validation and highlighting fields required by Amazon


Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 13.47.38



Product creation on Amazon

As a user, I would like to be able to create new listings on Amazon from my Shopify products.

Nadia Savoniuk
In progress


Minor changes

  • Amazon gift message left by the customer now appears in order notes.
  • eBay automotive categories on some marketplaces now allow selecting Shopify vendor field as Manufacturer
  • Order Tab entries are now sorted by created date, rather than updated date
  • Log messages on the Salestio Order Details page are now synced chronologically


What's next?

With order import for Amazon Vendor accounts done, our next goal is implementing quantity sync for the listings. Stay tuned!


Amazon vendor integration

Most people have a seller account, but it would be great to also support vendor accounts.

Alexander van A
In progress