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Salestio Updates, September 22

New Feature

Hey-hey, Salestio Team is here. Today we are ready to announce a new feature that has been highly requested for some time. Also, we added a couple of fixes and improvements to make the app work better for you.

Traditionally, we worked on a couple of custom user requests to adjust Salestio to the business needs of our users. Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve? As always, contact our Support Team and we will see how we can resolve them. You can also leave your ideas on our roadmap, or you can upvote what other users have already added.

Price Templates

Price Templates in Salestio allow adding custom simple and complex formulas for the prices sent to Amazon or eBay. To add the Price Template, go to Salestio > Profiles > Price templates. Click the "Add price template" to add one.

Here, you can define if the rule is going to be applied to all products, or you can set the price ranges to apply the rules. You can add multiple ranges to one Price Template.


When the template is added, make sure to assign it to the Global Profile.

We also added the article where you can check more details on how to use this functionality.


Price margin configuration

I would like to have the possibility to define a flexible price margin for my amazon listings. Right now on Salestio - Amazon Shopify integration, we have the possibility to define only a very simple price increase. Sometimes is not enough. We need to have a way to set a different price based on different criteria: Based on the product type Based on the product collection Depending on product pricing Depending on product weight Example of usage: increase price by 5% if a product from "Winter Shoes" collection, add 3$ to a product price to compensate shipping. Additional features that could help: Overwrite product/variant price on Selling List level Smart price rounding (e.g. 2.14 -> 2.19 or 2.14 -> 2.99)



Gateway Value on Imported Orders

It started as a custom request from one of our users. Shopify has the Gateway field on the Order details page. You can find it in the Order Logs.

When the order comes from Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, Salestio adds the name of the corresponding channel to this field.


Publish amazon/ebay/etsy gateway to imported Shopify order

To correctly integrate with third-party providers I would like to see a corresponding payment gateway injected directly to imported Shopify orders. For amazon - amazon_gateway, for ebay - ebay_gateway, etsy - etsy_gateway



Fulfillment Status for Etsy orders

We continue working on the Etsy integration. Recently, we also added the ability to send the fulfillment details from Shopify back to Etsy orders.

To successfully send the fulfillment details, the order should be fulfilled and the tracking details should be added.


  • Subtotal and Total Price calculation on the imported Amazon orders
  • Seller Central account validation when the account is added to Salestio
  • Allow fulfillment without tracking codes for the items that sent via email


  • Amazon order importing delays
  • Crash reports after moving the duplicated item from the eBay Inventory

What's In Progress?

Currently, we custom configure the shipping mapping for our users. Since we received a lot of requests to do so, we started working on the functionality so that users could do it on their own depending on their shipping services.


Configure Shipping mapping between Amazon and Shopify

I would like to have the possibility to configure shipping mapping between Amazon and Shopify. So when an order imported from Amazon to Shopify I would like to have it imported as one of the shipping methods available in my store. And also when I fulfill an order I would like to have the possibility to match my store carriers to one of the available carrier codes on amazon. Example: Amazon order shipping — Std UK Dom_1 should be imported to Shopify store as "Chrono Express" When order shipped from Shopify store, on amazon should be transferred carrier code "Chronopost"



Our developers are working on the catalog export from Shopify to Etsy. Stay tuned for more updates on this task!


Etsy Integration

As a Shopify store owner, I would like to expand my sales to Etsy. Can you add this integration to Salestio?

Nadia Savoniuk
In progress