New updates and improvements to Salestio

Salestio Updates, November 7

New Feature


The shopping season is catching up, so most of the team's efforts here at Salestio were focused on improving stability and tweaking the app to be as fast as possible. Still, we have some new features for you to try! Keep reading to know what's new. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at


eBay: Move items between Selling Lists

We noticed that sometimes sellers need to reorganize how the items appear in Salestio, but that would require stopping the listing on eBay. Now you can move the item to another Selling List while keeping the same status, and active eBay listings will remain untouched.

To move an item, select it in a Selling List, and click on "Move" in the Fast Actions:



Actions in Product Counter Block

Following the recent update, the block with counters became more useful. Now you can perform more actions right from the Dashboard, like updating the products, jumping to the logs, or locating the products in processing:



Better communication with your eBay account

Salestio is designed with Shopify as the home for your products in mind. Still, some users need to make some tweaks and updates on eBay directly. The app will now scan for any stopped items and will reflect the change in the Selling List:

  • A new log message will appear in Salestio: "The listing [SKU] was stopped due to the stopped status on eBay."
  • If the listing was ended on eBay, it will appear in "Finished" status in the Selling List


Customization message support for Etsy orders

Etsy customization data is now displayed in Notes on your Shopify orders. If you want to learn more about working with customizable items in Salestio, check out our recent article for more details.


Minor improvements and fixes

  • Shopify collections are parsed faster and more reliably
  • Fixed the specifics display for the "Everything else" category in eBay Creation Profiles
  • Logs now differentiate error and info messages more clearly
  • Improved QTY updates for listings using eBay Inventory API
  • More reliability when reconnecting an expired eBay account
  • Email notifications about order fulfillment errors now give more context


Work in Progress

Thank you for all of the feedback on the new Amazon Creation Profiles! Currently, we are working to make a more easy-to-use UI and ironing out the tiny details for each Amazon Product type. Some latest updates and fixes:

  • Bullet points now support custom text values
  • Fixed the "unexpected marketplace" error for some types of the Seller accounts
  • Fixed the invalid recommended browser nodes for Amazon US

Amazon Creation Profiles Beta is available to all users, so check it out in your app. Feel free to report any issues to us at


Product creation on Amazon

As a user, I would like to be able to create new listings on Amazon from my Shopify products.

Nadia Savoniuk
In progress