New updates and improvements to Salestio

Salestio Updates, August 1


Hey-hey dear Salestio friends,

How is your summer going so far? We work as hard as bees to add more and more nice and neat improvements and new features to Salestio. Today, we are happy to present you with our recent accomplishments.

As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve, feel free to share them as feature requests, or drop us a message at

Amazon Vendor account

Here at Salestio, we started adding support for the Amazon Vendor Central account. Currently, it is possible to connect your Amazon Vendor Central account to Salestio and get the orders from this account imported to Shopify.

To connect the Vendor Central account, go to Salestio > Accounts, and click the Add account button. Give a name to the account in Salestio, and select the region and the marketplace.

The important part is to put a checkmark on the "Vendor Central account" on the form.


Log in to your account, and confirm Salestio's permissions.

As soon as the account is added, Salestio will start importing the orders.

Note! The orders are imported to Salestio. They are not created in Shopify automatically. To send the order to Shopify, go to Salestio > Orders, and open the needed order.

Click the Export button on the Order details page to create the order in Shopify.

Extended product attributes in the Etsy Creation profile

We are working to add more features to the product creation functionality for the Etsy listings.

With this task, we added the ability to add more product attributes based on the selected Etsy category.

To add more attributes, go to Salestio > Profiles > Creation profile, and click the Add Creation profile button. Optionally, you can use one of the Creation profiles that have already been added to Salestio. Add the values to the top of the page, and start adding (or editing) the new mapping.

After you select the category, you will be presented with additional attributes that you can select.


Note! The available attributes can vary based on the selected Etsy category.


  • Variation pictures for Etsy listings. Salestio sends the variation images to Etsy depending on how they are added to Shopify. With this improvement, the corresponding image is displayed after the variation is selected on Etsy.
  • The ability to import Etsy orders by Product Title. Salestio imports orders based on matching SKUs on Shopify and the selected platform. This functionality has already been implemented for the eBay integration, and now we added it for the Etsy part as well. The titles and variation labels should be exactly the same on both platforms.
  • The Shopify Order link for imported orders in the list. As you might have already known, you can filter out the orders that were imported to Shopify. This new link gives a quick way to open the Shopify order page right from the Orders page in Salestio.
  • Fixes to Pending Stop & Remove products in the Selling Lists. In some cases, when you clicked the "Stop & Remove" action for the products in the Selling List, the products could have stuck and still were shown in the Selling List in the pending statuses. We added the improvements to this functionality, and the products are removed from this functionality after you run this action.
  • Show the platform order ids in the Log messages on the Order page in Salestio. The Logs messages showed the order id from Shopify. With this update, you can see the exact order id the way it is displayed on the platform where it was imported from
  • Support for KType attributes for the eBay listings in Salestio. The KType attribute is relevant for the eBay Motors marketplace. You can add it to the mapping in the Creation profile. We have also published the whole article on this functionality in our most recent blog post.

What's in Progress?

We keep working on adding more functionality and adjustments to the Amazon Vendor Central functionality.


Amazon vendor integration

Most people have a seller account, but it would be great to also support vendor accounts.

Alexander van A
In progress


The functionality to create new listings on Amazon is currently under development. At this point, we are working on the ability to send images and add the parent-child relationships for the variation listings.


Product creation on Amazon

As a user, I would like to be able to create new listings on Amazon from my Shopify products.

Nadia Savoniuk
In progress


Adding more functionality to our Etsy integration is our priority at this point. As described above, we added new features and possibilities to the existing functionality of product creation and order importing to Shopify. Also, we keep working on the ability to connect existing eBay listings to Shopify products. Stay tuned!


Etsy Integration

As a Shopify store owner, I would like to expand my sales to Etsy. Can you add this integration to Salestio?

Nadia Savoniuk