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Salestio Settings Redesign, November 29


Today, we are going to introduce only one update to the Salestio functionality. It is a new Settings page. It has been much improved with a user-friendly design.

Please let us know your thoughts on this page. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, feel free to reach out to us at

The new Settings page consists of 3 tabs.

Salestio Settings

These are the settings shared across different Salestio integrations. Changes made here affect all connected marketplaces.


Here is the list of options available to configure under Salestio Settings:

  • Email Notifications. When selected, allows you to configure email notifications on the order import and fulfillment updates failure, as well as product updates failure for the connected listings.
  • Location Settings. This option allows selecting the default Shopify location for imported orders.
  • Shopify Order Specifics. Here you can configure specifics for the imported orders ids and set the currency of imported orders in Shopify.
  • Metafileds Updates. This option allows users to manually trigger the metafields updates. If you use metafields, it should be triggered before sending the products to the selected marketplace(s).
  • Default Integration. You select one right after you open Salestio for the first time. Here you can change it.

You can find more information on how to use these options in the support article.

Amazon Settings

These settings are specific to the select Amazon account. They are getting available after you add one. You can also add the account right from this page by clicking the Plus icon.


Here you can turn on and off the Orders and Items synchronization. They are enabled by default. You can enable and disable the following options:

  • importing Amazon orders to Shopify;
  • updating item quantity on Amazon;
  • updating item prices on Amazon

Please check this article for more information on Amazon settings. 

eBay Settings

These are also the settings specific to the added eBay accounts. If you have not added any account yet, you can do so by clicking the Plus icon in front of "eBay accounts" in the menu on the Settings page.


Available options to configure:

  • Import eBay orders to Shopify. It is enabled by default.
  • Choose behavior when the item stops. By default, the listings are stopped on eBay after they are stopped from the Selling List. You can set it to remain the listing active but drop the connection from Salestio.

For more information, please check our support article on eBay settings.