New updates and improvements to Salestio

News from Salestio, February 7



Our team is here to show you what we've been working on for the past 3 weeks. Mainly, we worked on the Etsy integration, custom requests, app improvements, and fixes.

If you have any specific requests on how we can adjust Salestio for you, please contact us. We will check and see what we can do about it.

Inventory API support for existing eBay listings

Inventory API was used by the native Shopify eBay app. After that app was disabled, many users faced the challenge to connect Shopify products to existing eBay listings published with that app. The Inventory API did not allow even editing the listings directly on eBay.

We added the support of Inventory API. So, now it is possible to connect and updated prices and quantities for these listings with Salestio. It can be enabled in the eBay profile.


One of the recent blog posts is dedicated to more details on Inventory API in Salestio.

Detailed info for customized Amazon orders

Some Amazon orders include customization details. With this feature, the link is displayed in the order notes in Shopify. The link leads to the archive with the customization details from the Amazon order.

We are also working on giving the same ability for eBay orders.

VAT for eBay EU and UK listings

In the previous product update, we mentioned that we added the transfer of VAT in eBay orders to Shopify. Recently, we also added the possibility to specify VAT percentage in the eBay profile. It will indicate the VAT percentage for the eBay item.


You need to have a VAT-ID registered with eBay and the marketplace needs to be VAT-enabled.

New Options in Salestio Settings

We added the ability to disable price and quantity synchronization to eBay Settings in Salestio. If you would like to skip syncing any of them, you can do so by unchecking the option and clicking Save.


Another option might be useful for eBay orders when creating them in Shopify. By default, the orders are added with a Shopify order id. Enabling this option will send the actual eBay order id as a Shopify order id. This option is located under Salestio Settings.



Custom requests

  • In some cases, you don't need the tax data to be imported to Shopify. If this is your case, please reach us and we can exclude any taxes imported to the Shopify store.
  • If you would like to disable prices and/or quantities when syncing products to eBay or Amazon, you can do so in Salestio Settings. However, if you would like to disable the Update/Revise actions from accidentally being clicked, we can do so for you.
  • The imported orders in Shopify are displayed in the Amazon or eBay-generated format for privacy purposes. The emails are required to create the orders in Shopify. However, if you would like that these emails are invalid in Shopify, we can configure dummy emails for Amazon and eBay orders.


  • Clean up the inactive listings from eBay inventory in Salestio. It happens after clicking the "Download eBay inventories" button.
  • Postcode handling for AU marketplaces when using eBay calculated shipping.
  • Improved rounding for the total price for Amazon orders in Shopify.
  • Updates for eBay orders matched by product titles for the products with variations.
  • Check if the Creation profile is added before sending the products to eBay and Etsy. It prevents the products from being stuck in pending statuses.
  • The ability to get the most recent list of Business Policies in the Selling List by clicking the "Refresh Business Policies list" button.
  • The ability to delete various profiles and configurations from the app UX. It is relevant for the Creation profile and eBay store mapping.
  • Improved Default Description template by removing the images. They are not needed in the Description template since the images are displayed on the listing page separately.
  • Metafield support for the listing title in the Creation profile for eBay.
  • Display Amazon and eBay order ids in the Shopify order_notes_atributes


In progress

We keep working on the Etsy integration. The sending of Shopify products to Etsy is almost ready. It is possible to send products without variations. This week we are planning to complete the task of listing products with variations.


Etsy Integration

As a Shopify store owner, I would like to expand my sales to Etsy. Can you add this integration to Salestio?

Nadia Savoniuk
In progress


With this feature, it will be possible to add the needed product details on the product level right from the Selling List. Currently, it is possible to add product attributes only from the mappings in the Creation profile. This feature will add more flexible sending rules when listing products on eBay.


Allow adding custom value to the Items Specifics for eBay Integration

As a user, I would like to be able to enter the custom value to Item Specifics fields in the Category mapping in the Creation Profile. At the moment, it is possible only to select from existing options. When creating a product directly on eBay, they allow adding custom value in such fields. I would also like to have the ability to do it in Salestio.

Nadia Savoniuk